Senate Intel Chair: CISA Not Likely Until October


“Richard Burr official portrait” by United States Congress

Senate Intelligence Chairman Richard Burr (R-N.C.) recently told The Hill that despite Senate leadership’s pledge to address cyber security in September, it appears the Cyber Security Information Sharing Act, or CISA, has been put on the backburner.

Lengthy debate around the Iran deal and budget renewal have bogged down the Senate floor and pushed the conversation around cybersecurity back to October.

NextGov: “Three Cybersecurity Alternatives if CISA Fails”

downloadThe public and private sector have been pushing Congress to substantively address the threat of cyber security. The Senate has responded in the form of the Cyber Security Sharing Act, also known as CISA. The bill along with its additional 22 amendments has been triumphed by many in both the public and private sector for addressing shortcomings in the cyber sector; however, advocates in the tech community and pro-privacy advocates have criticized the bill for overstepping privacy boundaries and overlooking several uncontroversial security measures.

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CISA Has 22 Amendments, Which Will Prove Controversial?

I don’t think a week has gone by where CISA hasn’t made an appearance in The Council’s Cyber Roundup and it doesn’t look like its going away anytime soon. As Congress gets ready to reconvene for a busy fall, they will have 22 amendments to consider when they finally get to the information sharing legislation. So which of this 22 proposed amendments will cause the most trouble? The Washington Post has the answers for you.

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