Anthem: Should Your Clients Be Singing The Data Breach Blues?

As you are now all too well aware, on February 5th Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield disclosed that it had experienced a data breach in late December that it believes compromised the confidentiality of personal information. The breach affected not only Anthem clients but also clients of other Blues companies that partner with Anthem. Many of your employer clients are now asking – how does this affect our company? The answer – in classic lawyerly fashion – is: it depends.

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Class Action Lawsuits Beginning to Roll into Courthouses Across the Country in Response to Anthem Breach

Class action lawsuits have begun to spring up across the country in response to the Anthem data breach. Individuals in California, Alabama, Indiana, Georgia, California [again], and California [again] have filed lawsuits against the health insurer after their personal information was stolen by hackers.

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Anthem Breach Prompts New York To Conduct Cybersecurity Reviews Of All Insurers

Following the Anthem breach “New York’s Department of Financial Services (DFS) announced that it will integrate regular, targeted assessments of cyber security preparedness at insurance companies as part of the department’s examination process.” Additionally, the department plans to issue “enhanced regulations” to insurance companies operating in New York. Dark Reading has the whole story.