Talk of a Public Health Information Sharing and Analysis Center

According to Politico, the five-year federal health IT strategic plan has called for the creation of a “single health and public health Information Sharing and Analysis Center to provide information and advice about cyber threats and vulnerability.” There is already a federally approved health ISAC, but there has been talk about tying it into the Department of Health & Human Services. Click here for the 5-year plan strategic plan and here for more information on the current health ISAC.

Another Day, Another Hack

Clothing retailer Bebe has announced that they have been a recent victim of cybercrime. According to their website, “we recently detected suspicious activity on computers that operate the payment processing system for our stores.”

They suspect that their systems had been compromised for about 2-3 weeks between November 8 and November 26. Read more.

Sony Pictures Update

North Korea has now stated that “regime supporters” may have been behind the crippling Sony Pictures attack but have denied direct involvement. North Korea’s state news agency stated that the attack, “might be a righteous deed of the supporters and sympathizers with the DPRK in response to its appeal,” and labeled the hackers “champions of peace.” For more on this story, click here and here. Click here to learn more about the North Korea’s “cyberelite.”

NOAA Hacked

Add another one to the list.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration is the latest federal organization to be hacked. Four websites operated by the organization, who manages the weather satellites that provide data to the National Weather Service among other responsibilities, we’re hacked and disrupted “leading to down-time by weather satellites.”

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