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With cyber insurance becoming one of the fastest growing product lines in the commercial insurance sector, The Council has ramped up its focus on cyber risk to better understand what the public and private sectors face in combating the increasing threats to data, information and asset security.

Given the important role cyber insurance can play, not only in managing the risk but also in improving the security posture of organizations, insurance brokers are uniquely positioned to educate clients and coordinate risk management, compliance and insurance in order to increase security maturity and the cyber resilience of corporations and public entities.

Many, including the Obama administration and other policymakers in Washington, are finding that cyber insurance is an effective tool to help manage this new breed of risk. However, the market faces a multitude of issues as it develops. Lack of loss experience and government and private sector information-sharing are just a few examples at the center of the dialogue.

Cyber risk is uncharted terrain but you can bet on three things: First, malicious cyber attacks and data breaches will increase in frequency and severity. Second, the cyber insurance market will continue to strengthen. And third, debates on cybersecurity policy here in Washington will reignite with fervor next year. Therefore, we hope you check back to this page frequently for news and intel on the latest developments.

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